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Automotive Air conditioning – Having your AC Serviced for the Summer season

Automotive Air conditioning – Having your AC Serviced for the Summer season

If knowing the basic operating principles of your vehicles air conditioning system is important to you, than this article will be informative. Your vehicles Air conditioning system can be pricey to repair in certain circumstances. Getting a fairly easy performance exam might result in saving time and money. Here are several tips that may help with producing cold air and cooling your drive.

Ensure that air is blowing into the vehicle, start the vehicle and turn the Air conditioning on high.  Is the air cold, cool or warm? Cold air means the system if functioning, nevertheless it still may servicing for even colder air. Cool air implies that the unit requires service, and may have a considerable freon hole or unsteady system. Hot air may indicate your cars AC system has malfunctioned. While the air is still on high, cycle the Air conditioning button. Do you hear the converter turn on and off? The same sound should be heard each time you cycle it. If it is cycling on and off, and the car isn’t cooling, then you may be low on freon. The unit could have air or moisture as a result of a huge freon crack. The unit could mishandle or cold air is being diverted, it’s a result of a malfunction in the air ducting through electrical, engine vacuum cleaner or control panel failure. A complete  review of the cars air conditioning may determine Air conditioning efficiency. Another means may be to check the accumulator with the air conditioning on and running. This factor is a cyndrical tube underneath the hood and could have a sticker upon it from then the factory. The receiver drier or accumulator will probably be cool and could have condensation on it if the unit is working properly.

To summarize, preparing your vehicle for that heat is essential for getting through the summer. To have a reliable vehicle, and also a comfortable one, auto air conditioning and cooling system checks have to be done. These assessments really should be completed by a professional auto repair Air Conditioning expert. See Hortons Auto at 5026 E Main St in Mesa Arizona or call 480-924-2275 for a complete A/C System Check.

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