You have just found your neighborhood automotive Emissions Diagnosis and Repair shop! To improve air quality and reduce vehicle emissions in metropolitan Phoenix, a heavily traveled area, ADEQ administers a mandatory vehicle emissions testing and repair program known as Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP). VEIP emphasizes the importance of maintaining vehicle performance to lower emissions […]

If you haven’t you’re in for a treat! You have just found your neighborhood automotive service and repair shop. They’re located at 5026 E Main Street in Mesa Arizona. Call them and schedule an appointment at 480-924-2275. Walk-ins are always welcome as well. Horton’s Auto Repair has been Family owned and operated for over 25 […]

Auto Repair in Mesa Az

Automobile Repair That You Had to Have Done Every Year Auto Repair in Mesa Az  – Automobile repair is something you require. From time to time, it is an excellent idea to bring your auto into a mechanic that you rely on for an overall evaluation. Exactly how typically you do this relies on exactly […]

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Don’t OverHeat! Summer Car Care Tips

This is an important time of year to keep your car clean and to have routine maintenance done. Summer is a very busy time for everyone and a busy time for your car. Excessive heat can be a drain on many of the components of your car. If you are planning a vacation where you […]

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Automotive Air conditioning – Having your AC Serviced for the Summer season

If knowing the basic operating principles of your vehicles air conditioning system is important to you, than this article will be informative. Your vehicles Air conditioning system can be pricey to repair in certain circumstances. Getting a fairly easy performance exam might result in saving time and money. Here are several tips that may help […]

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